Word broke across Montana that Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel were moving to Bozeman to begin a new life in Big Sky Country and have a safe place to raise their new child. Now rumors are swirling that Justin is putting the finishing touches on an album dedicated to Montana itself. 

“I could care less what the execs in LA say about it,” Timberlake said during an interview. “This one is for Montana. If my neighbors like [the new album], then I’m happy.”

According to an article in the MSU Exponent, "The 406 Experience" not only will feature a Native American-influenced song called 'Cry Me a River' (Runs Through It) detailing his fly fishing experience with Robert Redford, but will also have a song duet with John Mayer who is no stranger to the Montana lifestyle himself. Mayer, as most locals can recall, dedicated an album to Montana as well called 'Paradise Valley'.

As if that last paragraph wasn't eyebrow-raising enough, the article also elaborates on a few other cheeky tracks on the upcoming album that only Montana people can relate to. One called "(Not) Bringing Sixty Back,” where he sings about our highways speed limits, and another called "The Other JT" with a nod to, you guessed it, Senator John Tester.

Now considering that this article from MSU is the ONLY article we were able to dig up on this juicy news bit, it does seem a bit satirical, doesn't it? An early April Fools stunt from the Bobcats in Bozeman? Who knows. Until then, I recommend we all take this with a grain of salt.

“The 406 Experience” is reportedly being prepped for release on May 1,2015.

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