Warning to anyone who plans to attend a Katt Williams show: You might get a beatdown, and it'll be your own fault. Kind of. Sort of.

Okay, not really.

Late last month, Williams took it upon himself to punish an audience member with a sound thwap upside the head with his microphone for recording his performance at the Paramount Theater.

In the video, Katt can be seen walking into the audience and then beating a dude with his mic because he saw he was being recorded.

"STOP CLAPPING RIGHT NOW! Don't be nosy. It could happen to you. Record me and see what happens to you,” Williams yelled at the crowd, continuing, “Don't worry if you don't like it. I'll be here all night. Go home and get your raggedy pistol and bring it back. I already got mine."

The victim, Carlos Casto-Lino, has filed a lawsuit against Katt and the theatre for $250,000, claiming Williams gave him a concussion and “left him with contusions on his head.” Because being beaten with a microphone tends to leave a mark.

This all happened in Seattle, where Williams was recently arrested for attacking a family and threatening police, and where he briefly announced his retirement before un-retiring four days later.

Williams later missed his arraignment in Seattle Municipal Court after claiming he read in the newspaper that he didn't have to be present for his court appearance.

The arraignment was rescheduled by the judge and Williams was eventually charged with three misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree assault for the microphone incident. Oh, and for allegedly throwing a chair at two fans waiting to meet him after the show, since that's how the completely unhinged treat people who paid money to come see them.

In other "wow, Katt Williams better have a great lawyer" news, he was arrested again last week due to that bizarre motorcycle chase with California police in November.

No word from Williams' team about pretty much anything as they're too busy trying to get Katt to hand over the shovels he keeps using to dig his own grave.