Katy Perry‘s ‘Part of Me’ 3D film is on the horizon, dropping July 3. The singer has shared another clip from the film, which she says reveals inner details of her life in a tasteful way. This preview is dubbed ‘Dreamer.’ In it, the pop divas says, “I feel a connection to fairytales.”

You don’t say, Katy!

It’s clear that her world — her life, her stage set up, her costumes, her hair colors — are inspired by bright, colorful works of fiction. In the clip, one of her colleagues gushes, “It’s her dream to get to be herself and inspire other people … It’s Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy in Oz, and she wants fans to experience the world she dreamed up.”

Fans certainly do experience Perry’s fairytale-inspired, pretty, sugary world in concert, and apparently, in the film, since we see her trying on cake-shaped costumes and dresses with lollipop busts.

She also takes a big ol’ bite of pink cotton candy at the end, while dressed in stage regalia. It’s intimate and cute at once. Something tells us that’s how ‘Part of Me’ will be as a whole.

Watch Katy Perry in ‘Part of Me’ Dreamer Clip