After her stint on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend, it’s pretty clear why Katy Perry is married to a comedian — the girl is funny! Not only can she impersonate her hilarious hubby, Russell Brand, but she also has no qualms about sending up her fellow pop stars.

In two separate sketches, Perry poked fun at ‘Ceremonials’ chanteuse Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine and at ‘The Voice‘ coach Christina Aguilera.

In the first sketch, Perry portrayed Welch — and she nailed it. Perry portrayed the red-headed songstress in a skit about the soundtrack to an animated film called ‘Doggy Duty,’ in which puppies are selected to do jury duty.

Perry played Welch singing an original song based on the imaginary movie. The song is called ‘The Dog Trial Is Over,’ and is set, appropriately, to the tune of ‘The Dog Days Are Over.’ Clad in a red wig and flowing peacock-colored dress, Perry does Welch’s signature ethereal sways as she sings, “The pup called a witness / The collie objects / The schnauzer made a mess / The dog trial is over / The dog trial is done.” The sketch utilized Perry’s comedic and musical abilities well — she sounded just like Flo!

In another sketch, Perry parodied Christina Aguilera in a sequel to ensemble film ‘New Year’s Eve,’ called ‘The Apocalypse.’ You know you’re in for a good time when the tagline is “love at last sight.” Starring “literally thousands of celebrities,” including Katherine Heigl, Pierce Brosnan, the dog from Frasier, Lou Bega (remember him?!) and Aretha Franklin’s hat, Perry’s brief cameo as Aguilera brought the giggles.

In a skintight, shimmery white bandage dress, and a huge blonde wig a la Aguilera at the American Music Awards, Perry didn’t speak — she only sang… to Al Roker. Perry’s vocal histrionics were effective in her impersonation of the diva, though some red lipstick and a bit more sass would have made the bit more believable.

Watch Katy Perry Parody Florence Welch on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Watch Katy Perry Parody Christina Aguilera on ‘Saturday Night Live’