Katy Perry doesn't want to make out with Drake. She wants to make out to Drake. His music, that is!

We're glad she doesn't want to swap spit with the rapper. That'd be weird, since Drizzy reportedly dated her bestie Rihanna.

His music is another story. It has quite the aphrodisiac effect on Perry.

Perry recently revealed her make out jams while guest DJing on iTunes radio.

"Who doesn't love Drake?," Perry mused aloud (quote via MTV). "Drake is so sensitive but yet still so cool. It's a very hard balance to find sometimes. Emotional guys that are sensitive but strong and Drake is definitely that kind of guy. And he really hit home for on this next one called 'Hold On.' I think it's beautiful. It sounds a little bit like kind of old vibey Lionel Richie [or] The Weeknd. It's sexy as hell."

She continued, "And I listen to it with my boyfriend, so I would suggest listening to it with whoever you wanna make out with." Thanks for the tip, Katy!

You know, we'd think that a track by her BF, singer/songwriter John Mayer, would get Perry in the mood.

You better get on that quick, Johnny Boy. Write a song you want to get her in the mood, like Drake did!

Now we know there's a reason why Drake is Last Name, Ever. First Name, Greatest! He wrote a song that makes Katy Perry want to get it on. That's a talent and a skill.