Katy Perry is rather proud of her NARM Artist of the Year Award, and she let the world know it during her acceptance speech. Perry thanked those in the marketplace who help her sell her albums, but also herself — just before dropping an F-bomb in describing just how hard she’s worked on ‘Teenage Dream.’

The purple haired Perry posed for photos with her presenter, NARM President Jim Donio, before hitting the mic to launch into her quasi thank you speech. We say “quasi” because she took most of the credit for herself!

Perry remarked about her promo reel, “I saw why I was so exhausted — because I like working so hard!” she giggled. “It’s really so fun working so hard, because I like reaching my goals. I don’t know about you,” she added. A little snide, Ms. Perry! “I have to say that I do a lot to sell my records,” she enthused. “I do the right things … I work very hard! I like to sell out in all the best ways.”

The ‘Part of Me’ singer then launched into her pre-written speech. (She explained that if she hadn’t written it down, it would have ended up like ‘The King’s Speech.’) She explained how a pal turned her on to Queen, and how that led her to career in “secular music.”

Perry capped her speech with a comment about, once more, how hard she works. She insists that after the release of her next single, ‘Wide Awake,’ “I swear I am taking a f—ing vacation.” Sounds like you’ve certainly earned one!

Watch Katy Perry’s NARM Award Acceptance Speech