With 'The Sims 3 Seasons' on the horizon, Katy Perry has shared her favorite holiday season traditions and revealed how to wiggle your way out of an uncomfortable gift-giving situation. Can you imagine the holidays at the Hudson house? Perry probably wears a fully functioning Christmas tree as a dress.

We were trying to be funny, but it turns out that's not too far removed from the truth.

"I’m such a fan of Christmas trees and decorations," Perry said. "In the past, I’ve typically had more non-traditional Christmas trees. I remember a couple of Christmases ago I had an electric pink Christmas tree and I loved that. But this year, I think I’m going to go for more of a traditional look but it’s going to be very tall."

Besides a tall tree, Perry shared how things shake down at Casa Hudson – since that's her family name. "The typical holiday season for me and my family is just all about family time and really how much time we can spend with each other," the 'Wide Awake' singer said. "We will all sit around each other and it’s funny because you can tell we are family. We all have the same sarcastic sense of humor."

Perry also shared that she prepares when it comes to holiday parties by keeping a few generic gift-wrapped bottles of champagne in case she crashes a last minute soiree.

But if she ever got caught empty-handed at holiday party where presents were being exchanged, she has a bulletproof excuse.

"All I would say is, ‘Oh it’s on back-order! Everyone was really into this idea for a present. It’s the best present ever and it’s on back-order and it’s that great, but you’re just going to wait a little time.'"

Sheer brilliance, even though she just revealed her hand.

And since she was talking about 'The Sims,' she revealed that the she turn her BFF Shannon or her cat Kitty Perry into a Sim. "It’d be nice to have my cat be a Sim and see what she would look like and what kind of character traits she’d have," Perry mused. "I’d love to see her actually talk. It would be my dream to have that cat talk. I know she’s had so much on her mind ever since she’s been at my house."

And we thought she might want to turn John Mayer into a Sim!

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