Katy Perry sat down for a chat with WiLD 94.9′s Nessa, who probed the singer about letting it all hang out and wearing no makeup in her upcoming ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’ 3D film. Perry joked “Oh the horror” at the thought of appearing on camera sans cosmetics.

Perry chuffed off the idea that she was brave to forego glam in some scenes, since she wanted to capture the authenticity of her life. “Look, I don’t always want to look bloated with zits, but it’s real,” she said. “It’s human, right? We’re not always so pretty. Sometimes that can bring people closer together.” She likened her decision to put not-so-savory stuff in the film to the first time she experiences something difficult in a new relationship — like food poisoning. When you are parked in the bathroom and dealing with bodily functions and your bowels turning on you, it can improve relations.

“In some ways, that brings people closer together,” Perry reasoned. “You are over that hump. You are a real person. You have real problems. I am not a perfect person.”

When engaging in the 69-second rapid fire, Perry says she prefers good boys, but they sometimes bore her. She broke the rule of only being able to pass on one question by skipping queries about her favorite sex position, the dirtiest place she’s gotten busy and whether or not she’s ever had a threesome! She pleaded the fifth, calling herself a “good Christian girl.”

When asked if she would finally release music with her bestie Rihanna, she said no, but that they will have sex! Touche!

As for who she’d hump or dump? Drake gets a hump, while Chris Brown gets a dump. What about Eminem? “I like him,” she said. “He’d rap bad about me if I don’t.”

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