Katy Perry isn't a princess. She's a queen -- a Killer Queen, in fact. The singer is adding to her fragrance empire with a new scent, called Killer Queen. While her previous two perfumes Purr and Meow had cat themes, this one doesn't, although it does look a kitty-shaped adornment perched atop the red and golden bottle.

The pop diva attended a sneak peek event in NYC on May 2, wearing a red, rosy gown by Thom Browne. She rocked a matching mani, too. She was seated on a throne while at the event, as well. And not that kinda throne, either. It was a seat fit for a Killer Queen who just so happens to be a pop star.

The bottle has a red theme, so the pop diva dressed for the occasion. You can peep it below, and it'll look fancy perched on your dresser if you decide to shell out some paper for it. She has been working on the product for a year, but only shared a look at the bottle. She did not reveal the notes or what it will smell like. We're going to go out on a limb here and guess that it will have some rose notes in. Just a guess...

Check out the fancy bottle.


Perry also shared a photo of her intricate, artisan nails, captioning it: "Tonight's killer mani to match!"


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