Katy Perry was the couch guest on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ last night (June 21), promoting her film, ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’ and sharing a pair of the heart-shaped 3D glasses she designed with Jay Leno.

Perry further spoke about her strict Christian parents and their background, her sassy, Sin City livin’ grandma, self-piercing her nose and why she wants fans to see her at her lowest point in the flick.

Looking lovely with purple waves and a midnight-blue, form-fitting dress with an upside down, leather flower appliqué on the shoulder, Perry admitted her family helps ground her.”When I need to energize or regroup, I go back to Santa Barbara,” she said.

When a graphic of her “coolest preacher I’ve ever seen” dad Keith Hudson popped on screen,

Katy said, “He’s like Mr. Clean and one of the Hell’s Angels put together. He is very funny. The real true comedian is my grandmother. She is in the film. She’s is 91 years old and lives in Las Vegas. She has all her marbles plus one.” There is a clip at the end of Grams telling Perry she is a “show off.”

Perry reveals her dad was a long-haired, Woodstock attendee who did “all those things with Timothy Leary”  –so, drugs! — and when he was picking apples, he opened a Bible and saw a verse come off the page.

“To this day, I say Dad, that was the LSD,” she joked. She also said her aunt was a topless showgirl who found the Lord and her parents met at one of her aunt’s tent revivals. Now we know where the charisma comes from. It’s a family trait.

Perry shared that she pierced her nose with a safety pin when her mother said no! She also said she

is the black sheep of the Hudson family.

About three minutes into the second clip, Perry reveals why she included footage of her split from Russell Brand in the film, saying, Just because you are in the spotlight doesn’t mean you get to dodge curveballs. If you see the movie and it was completely avoided, it would seem strange. I wanted to handle it delicately with the most integrity as I possibly can.” She did say it’s not flattering to watch intense moments where she breaks down, but contends that “people will relate even more, seeing me at my lowest point and my highest point.”

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