Kelly Clarkson is so in love and happy that we can't help but be over the moon for her! She's too cute. The singer celebrated her 31st birthday on Wednesday, April 24, and her fiancé Brandon Blackstock made sure to spoil her like she deserves. She even shared photos of his two romantic gifts.

Blackstock baked Clarkson a white-iced red velvet cake and bought her a gorgeous, bright bouquet of sunflowers. Aw!

The singer and original 'American Idol' shared the photos and captioned them: "I woke up to sunflowers and a red velvet cake that my baby made me :) I'm so in love I'm annoying myself ha!"

Ya know, any other pop star who constantly gushed about being in love would probably get on our nerves after a while, but not Clarkson. She is so sweet and likable, and so unlike the many self-absorbed celebrities out there. She's waited a while to be this happy so we're relishing in her joy, too.

The cake looks yummy -- and the way it's iced clearly indicates that it was homemade, which adds to its charm -- and the blooms are almost as pretty as she is!

Happy belated bday, Kelly!


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