And the Kelly Osbourne / Lady Gaga battle royale continues. This time Kelly Osbourne has called out Lady Gaga, once again, in her cover issue of Cosmo. Can't these ladies just let this beef die already? Apparently not.

When questioned about her tiff with Mother Monster, Osbourne told the magazine, "I loved Lady Gaga. I totally believed in everything she stood for, until I realized she's a great big hypocrite. Don't say, 'When you see bullying, intervene,' while letting your fans send me death threats. If my fans did that, I would not stand for it." Sorry, Little Monsters, but homegirl has got a point! You can't stand up against bully whilst sending words of hate in someone's direction -- no matter what they said about your idol.

The 'Fashion Police' personality continued, "You can say whatever you want with your millions of monsters. I know the truth. You bells and whistles mean nothing to me. You're feeding on the freaks and geeks to further your career? Do you really care about the gay community? Because if you did, you'd stand up for it more than you do."

Dang, claws are out. We have a feeling this statement will definitely strike a nerve with Gaga's Little Monsters because their idol has been very vocal about LGBTQ rights in the past. But Little Monsters, you gotta resist the urge to send death threats! Not cool!

To recap, this unpleasantness was started by Kelly when she remarked that Gaga's alter-ego Jo Calderone was really just a modern reconfiguration of Annie Lennox's androgynous dress in the '80s. Then came Lady Gaga's open letter blasting Kelly O for appearing on 'Fashion Police' and critiquing the way they look. Sharon Osbourne responded with her own open letter, once again, calling Gaga and her fans hypocrites.

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