Miley Cyrus may be making a huge departure from her past in terms of her style and sound, but one thing remains: Her BFFship with fellow musician spawn-cum-celeb Kelly Osbourne. Ozzy's little girl revealed some details about Cyrus' mysterious yet highly hyped upcoming album that only a bestie would know.

“You’ll love it,” Osbourne gushed to Hollywood Life. “It’s such a departure from everything you've ever seen from Miley before.” Osbourne also noted that Cyrus' tumultuous relationship with Liam Hemsworth (which may very well be over, depending on who you ask) played a role in the transition to from child to mature star.

“It is the grown up Miley Cyrus,” Osbourne affirmed. “It takes a strong woman to step outside the boundaries and she has done it. I think you’ll like it.”

As for when we'll get to hear any of it? Cyrus hinted at a new single -- or at least an announcement of one -- at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards next weekend, so sit tight!

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