Kesha is the resident bad-girl-gone-badder of pop music. Yeah, Rihanna, we said it. That rebel (and animal lover) Kesha showed off her general badassness by getting a brand new tattoo.

This one is inked on the inside of her bottom lip. The tattoo is simple. It reads “Suck It!” in thin, black script on her bottom lip. How very Kesha of her! She loves to shock and is full of sass, so having a tattoo with a naughty and bratty phrase like “Suck It!” does not surprise us.

The band news is that It’s likely that the tatt won’t last, since the general consensus is that lip tattoos fade quickly and disappear, since the mouth is a quick healer and, well, wet.

Kesha shared the pic of the tattoo on Twitter. You can see that she has a gold tooth, too. That should last. Notice that Kesha has some really nice, clean, white teeth, as well.

Remember when Justin Bieber reportedly wanted a lower lip tatt? Kesha beat him to the punch.

Now anytime anyone pops off to Kesha, she can give it right back to them by pulling down her lower lip and showing off her tatt. It lends new meaning to the phrase “Give ‘em lip.”

At least she can hide this one easily if need be!

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