Kevin and Danielle Jonas are expecting their first child and have confirmed the sex of the baby.

It's a girl! So that means Joe and Nick will have a niece that they can spoil rotten very soon.

Kev, the eldest Jo Bro, and wife Danielle revealed the gender exclusively via the Jonas Brothers app, which is free on iTunes and Google Play. He in turn posted the sonogram photo on his Instagram page. His little girl is sucking her thumb in utero! How adorable. Kev sounds like he is looking forward to being a dad.

Gotta love technology. We can find out a baby's gender and share the discovery with the world in the digital age.

Congrats to Kev, Danielle and the extend Jonas Brothers clan on this good news. Now they can start picking out pink clothes and seriously start thinking about names.

If you want to nab the Jo Bros app, it's here and for free.