Khalil Underwood went from an unknown crooner to a nearly household name when a song he released, 'What She Wants (Official 2013),' hit the web ... and people thought it was Justin Bieber. Why? Because it was rumored that Bieber not only sang on the track, but also used the N-word.

What does Underwood have to say about the incident now?

TMZ reports that Underwood maintains his innocence in the hoax, saying he was just an "innocent bystander" in the situation and didn't attach the Biebs' good (well, mostly good) name to the song. Underwood said he was tied to the incident just because he sounds so much like the Canadian boy wonder. Underwood thinks Beliebers leaked the track to YouTube, genuinely believing (beliebing) that it was the real Biebs singing.

Still, Underwood has a good attitude about the whole thing, saying, "It's good to know if I was as big as Justin Bieber people would like my music."

Here's hoping he at least gets a break out of it. Also? The boys don't just share similar voices. They also share a hatred of wearing shirts!