Can someone please keep this kid off the road? Kylie Jenner nabbed a speeding ticket yesterday (Jan. 4), and it's only the tip of the iceberg for the reality starlet's vehicular disasters.

TMZ reports Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy stopped Jenner for speeding in Malibu Saturday afternoon, with a paparazzo on the scene confirming the offense. Jenner's only been driving for a few months, and she's already wreaked a whole lot of havok. After getting her license only 18 days earlier, Jenner caused a three-car pileup when she rear ended a Toyota, who then hit a Subaru SUV.

Perhaps the reason Jenner doesn't seem fazed by all of her traffic violations is that whenever she busts up one Benz, she just gets a new one to replace it.

Then again, Jenner is friends with Justin Bieber -- and his pals are notoriously bad drivers. Birds of a feather crash together!

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