The hair bow was one of Lady Gaga‘s most talked about styles early in her career, and while she’s not one to go backwards and do too many repeats, the singer did revisit the look while in Estonia.

The Mother Monster shared a photo of her Louis Vuitton brown hair, with a big bow fashioned at the crown. The bow was paired with heavy, curled bangs. And check out those arched eyebrows. It’s a more mature look for her. More like “classic,” in more ways than one, and Old Hollywood glam.

Gaga posted the photo on her site, writing: “Estonia! On the way to show! With a brown hairbow!”

The hair bow is really one of Gaga’s cutest looks, but it’s also fashion forward, since she pretty much uses her hair as an accessory. Everything has a fashion purpose in Gaga’s world.

What do you think PopCrushers? Do you like the brown version of Gaga’s hair bow? Are you excited that she revisited one of her early period hair looks?

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