Lady Gaga sustained a concussion at her New Zealand show, thanks to an errant stage prop, which was mishandled by one of her dancers, causing it to go crashing into her head while performing. As perhaps a cautionary measure, the ‘Marry the Night’ songstress had an MRI, which revealed that she is fine. Better to be safe than sorry.

In a true display of that old adage “The show must go on,” Gaga didn’t even stop the gig after she got cracked in the noggin, but she did sustain a nasty black eye because of it. Of course she shared an image of her injury on Twitter.

She posted a note on Facebook, sharing that she had the MRI, writing: “Went for an MRI. No harm from the concussion but it appears my brain is just water and a large floating jellyfish.”

What a creative pool of water and floating jellyfish it is, Mother Monster.

We are glad that Gaga is medically cleared and that she was not injured seriously. The head is a very tender and sensitive region, so anytime its bashed, it’s always best to have a doctor look at it to make sure there is no further (and invisible to the naked eye) damage sustained. Remember, actress Natasha Richardson fell, hit her head and was seemingly fine afterwards but died a few days later due to the injury.

And a note to Gaga’s backup dancers: Be careful. We can’t have Gaga being hit in the head and suffering headaches or worse.

Watch When Lady Gaga Get Hit in the Head During New Zealand Gig