Congrats to Lady Gaga. Her R. Kelly-aided duet 'Do What U Want' has been inducted into the Pop Clash Hall of Fame. That is quite an honor for the singer, and it's well-deserved and hard-earned.

Gaga earned her Pop Clash HOF induction after beating some pretty intense competition over the course of four weeks. While 'ARTPOP,' the album which houses 'Do What U Want,' has had a bit of a shaky launch, Gaga's still got it.

During the first week, Gaga took out Britney Spears and her sentimental ballad 'Perfume.' Ma Monster followed her victory against Brit Brit in the second week by creaming Lorde's 'Team,' nabbing 90 percent of the votes. Ma Monster has more experience than the Kiwi cutie, and her little monsters went to work.

The third week of Pop Clash found Gaga staring down Christina Perri's new single, 'Human,' and winning decisively. Gaga's song is a dance track and Perri's tune is a ballad, but Gaga still triumphed.

Week four brought Gaga her toughest competition yet in the form of Katy Perry. Last fall saw a bunch of media-created "Gaga vs. Perry" headlines, when in actuality, the ladies supported one another. Gaga once again prevailed, this time over Perry's Juicy J-assisted 'Dark Horse,' to find herself a Pop Clash Hall of Famer.

Can we give her a round of 'Applause'? We sure can!

Listen to Lady Gaga's 'Do What U Want' (Feat. R. Kelly)