The celebrity perfume market is beyond crowded. Every pop diva and actress has her own perfume. Some, like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, have multiple scents in their portfolios, since they started the branding process in the early '00s, just as celeb scents were coming into vogue. Not to be outdone, Lady Gaga launched her first fragrance, Fame, in September, and she's already sold a whopping 30 million bottles of the stuff. The perfume did so well since there was nothing else on the market like it.

That's what we call a successful launch!

Eau de Gaga is different than other celeb scents since it's the first-ever black perfume. It's black in the bottle but sprays on clear, which was no easy task for the scientists. But Gaga's goal to have a black scent certainly paid off with incredible dividends, now didn't it?

Well, she did go all out to make it a unique scent. It's the only black perfume we know of, and she threw a launch party where she was let attendees touch her while she got a tattoo on her head. And she peed in a bucket, too.

How could it not be successful?

Congrats to Gaga!

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