Our thoughts and prayers are with Lady Gaga and not just because the Louis Vuitton wheelchair-bound pop diva is still recuperating for hip surgery. Sadly, she is dealing with a loss, as her maternal grandfather has died.

Paul Douglas Bissett, Sr., the father of Gaga's mother, Cynthia Germanotta, passed away on Easter Sunday, March 31, which was just three days after Gaga's 27th birthday.

Grandpa Gaga was 86, and he actually died a few days short of his birthday, which would have been April 7.

His obituary revealed that he was a retired insurance man, as well as a local singer! So now we know where Gaga got some of her musical gifts. It's in her DNA in this case.

The funeral service is slated for this Thursday (April 4) in West Virginia.

Gaga spoke openly about how the loss of her paternal grandfather, Joseph Germanotta, back in 2010 affected her. His loss inspired the 'Born This Way' song 'The Edge of Glory.'

PopCrush is sending our best to Gaga, her parents, sister Natali and the rest of the family during this tough time as they mourn the loss of one of the family patriarchs.

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