Lady Gaga shared the colorful (and topless) cover of 'ARTPOP' today (Oct. 7) and now, there is speculation that the second single from the album will be 'Gypsy,' thanks to the observations of an eagle-eyed little monster.

A fan noted that Gaga (or someone on her digital team) had swapped out her Facebook cover photo, with text next to the cover image highlighting 'Applause' (the first single) and 'Gypsy.' Well, it would stand to reason and be logical to assume that the new single was being called out there, since we've only been blessed with one 'ARTPOP' official single so far.

'Gypsy' was co-written by frequent Gaga collaborator RedOne.

A quick scan of Gaga's Facebook shows that the text has been removed and it's just the 'ARTPOP' cover and a mention of 'Applause' and the Nov. 11 release date. Hmmm.

So either someone screwed up and this was an accidental posting, or it could have been a purposely leaked post that only a few wily monsters saw before it went buh-bye, in teaser fashion.

The mystery about the follow-up 'ARTPOP' single deepens!

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