Lady Gaga loves to perform at all places and at any time. It’s like she has a magnetic attraction to the stage (and not because is wearing a dress constructed of magnets, which we wouldn’t put past her either). The Mother Monster is in Tokyo for three sold out shows on her Born This Way Ball, tour yet she still found time (and energy) to perform at the loungey ‘Orange Colored Sky’ at the hotel bar at Park Hyatt after one of the gigs.

Never a dull moment in the Gagaverse.

Gaga performed with her hair up, wearing a one-shoulder leather dress with a major slit and a drink in hand. She even held the cup while the keyboardist sipped from it during their impromptu jazzy jam, which was fueled by libations. She looks out for her people.

Say what you will about Gaga’s antics, her platforms or her drama. But you can’t deny that the girl can sing. Her voice booms and fills the bar. The bar patrons are cheering and whistling while she performs, clearly enjoying this unexpected “show.”

Gaga was born this way and born for the stage.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform ‘Orange Colored Sky’ in Tokyo