Lady Gaga has been the subject of many lawsuits, from her charity bracelets for Japan to another involving dolls created in her image and likeness.

Now the Mother Monster and her legal team are working overtime to keep the details of the 'Judas' lawsuit secret since it involves her being accused of thefting a music sample and using it without permission in her song.

Jennifer Lopez is also accused of lifting the same sample without asking, somewhat indirectly.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Mama Monster's lawyers have filed a motion requesting that parts of a transcript from a hearing held in Chicago be redacted, since it involves public discussions of confidential matters that the parties agreed to keep secret.

Chicago musician Rebecca Francescatti filed suit in 2011. She performed as Rebecca F and claims Gaga copied her 1999 song 'Juda' and turned it into her 2011 'Born This Way' smash 'Judas.' Since both Gaga and Rebecca F worked with the same engineer, named Brian Gaynor, they had access to one another's musical ideas. There is an established link there, and Gaynor is being sued, too.

When Gaga caught Kendrick Lamar's set at the Pitchfork Music Festival held in the Windy City last summer, she wasn't just in town to be entertained by her friend. She was also deposed for the case and questioned for four hours.

Gaga and her label have no desire to settle the case and be done with it, according to Rebecca F's lawyer. If the suit survives their expected motion to dismiss, they may change their minds to avoid a messy court battle.

"Right now, Lady Gaga's off having a wonderful old time, making millions of dollars," Rebecca's lawyers said pointedly. "This isn't even on her radar screen. But if she has to put her meat dress in the food locker and show up in federal court, raise her right hand and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, her attitude toward things might change a little bit."

Some new developments in the case are as follows.

There were reported text messages between Gaga and RedOne claiming she stole another sample for 'Judas,' which was also used in Lopez's 'Invading My Mind.' Those texts are seen as an admission that she knew she was stealing. Rebecca F's lawyers claim that Gaga got a producer credit from Lopez, since she also used the same sample, even though Gaga didn't work on the track.

Gaga's lawyer Catherine Spector shot down the plaintiff's theory and doesn't want to allow them access to records involving any of Lopez's work.

Rebecca F's lawyers commented about music being composed by computer, which they believe makes stealing easier. They said, "They're sitting at a computer. They're picking out segments. They're mixing them and mashing them and moving them around, and then they create this music. And when it comes out the end of the tunnel, nobody knows what elements went into that."

Music experts have been hired to determine whether or not the samples match. That analytical work is nearly complete. When it is, a motion to dismiss is expected to be filed by Team Gaga.

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