Lady Gaga never sleeps alone, and we're not talking about her (bad) romances, either. In a particularly ugly and nasty lawsuit with her former "personal assistant" Jennifer O'Neill, the deposition of which leaked yesterday, O'Neill claims that the Mother Monster forced her to sleep in the same bed while on tour. Gaga also tweeted that O'Neill was not really her former personal assistant but her best friend since she was 19.

A ha! That's why this case is so hurtful or Ma Monster and is likely why she was so angry and dropping expletives about O'Neill during the deposition. If this was her friend, it stings beyond belief to be sued by someone you were once close with.

A recap: O'Neill worked for Gaga twice over a period of 13 months and is suing for 7,168 hours worth of unpaid overtime at a sum of $380,000. Gaga claims she does not pay her staff overtime, and while she could likely settle out of court and easily pony up the near 400 grand O'Neill is asking for, it appears to be a matter of principle. $380,000 is a nominal amount for someone as rich and famous as Gaga.

While Gaga called O'Neill a "f---ing hood rat"in her deposition, O'Neill revealed that she was never provided with her own hotel room while on tour and had to sleep in the same bed as her boss. While we all love Gaga and would die to hang out with her, sleeping in the same bed as a boss doesn't sound like fun on any level!

However, when you consider that these women were friends, it changes the whole complexion of the story and the case. Besties often share a bed, and not in that way.

O'Neill said, "I was by her side virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That includes sleeping in the same bed with her. Because she did not sleep alone … Unlike anybody else on that tour, I did not have my own hotel room. I was not asked if I wanted my own hotel room … I had no privacy, no chance to talk to any family, no chance to talk to any friends, no chance to have sex if I wanted to have sex. There was no chance to do anything."

She did say, when asked, that she felt sleeping in the same bed was part of her job.

As we said when the initial story broke, working for Gaga is a lifestyle, not a career choice. There is no way any of this should have been a surprise to O'Neill.

She also said Gaga told her she needed to be available 24/7.

Again, why would this be surprising? Being an assistant to any celeb is a commitment beyond that of a marriage. Gaga appears to be the type to take care of her employees like family, too.

PopCrushers, what do you think of this case?

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