Lady Gaga is really turning her social media network into the prime destination and preferred hub for all things Gaga.

Right after sharing the first-ever personal photo of her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney, with the adorbs caption “Me and T.,” Gaga announced the Little Monsters Film Project. So what’s that all about? Well, little monsters, you can create films based on Gaga and her music. If she likes what you do, she’ll use it for one of her new songs! That’s a chance of a lifetime right?

Gaga made the video announcement via Monster Vision, saying, “Since Twitter is broken down and we have you all to ourselves, pay attention. Pop culture takeover.” She made the big reveal alongside Tara Savelo, her personal makeup artist who has been creating all those memorably dramatic and exotic looks on the Asian leg of the Born This Way Ball tour.

The Mother Monster said, “Basically what we’re doing is the Little Monsters film project. We’re doing a project for film. Send us a video — a film — that shows us how you would like to shoot me or an inspiration for how you’d like to shoot me.”

Gaga was a bit spacey during this video, since she couldn’t speak or give the directions in linear fashion. She was all over the place and either she was excited about the film project or she was might have indulged in a little something something! Maybe she was a little toked? Maybe!

She continued, “This is not an audition, it’s a freefall. That’s essentially what is. How much can we get away with this on this website? So please send us movies and we will choose our favorite and you film a video for us for the new album and it will be one of many songs. It will be for the album. I am making a film for each song, some longer than others.”

Essentially, the director that is chosen will get to film one of Gaga’s songs, and she even shared that it will be premiered on something new. That “something new” is TBD. Gaga reminded her little monsters to do their vids in an “unscripted” way and to be “quick and raw,” just how she likes it.

The blond babes sign off, but popped back on for a hot sec to reveal more details regarding the “how to” with the submissions. Did you guys notice what was playing in the background? No Doubt‘s ‘Settle Down,’ which Ma Monster claimed to be obsessed with. No Interscope plugs there. She really is digging that jammy jam.

So there you have it, monsters! A chance to film a Gaga clip! How effing amazing?! We cannot wait to find out on which outlet this will premiere. See, we told you to sign up for a account. Big things in the Gagaverse happen and are revealed there. Perhaps the site is where she will reveal her new album title, since she’s not about repeats and reportedly isn’t even hitting the 2012 VMAs this year.