Lady Gaga shared two minutes of the trippy new 'ARTPOP' track 'Mary Jane Holland.'

MJH is really not a person nor is she a Broadway star, despite the epic, stage-y quality of the song and how Gaga introduces her in the space of the song. She's a euphemism for weed, which Gaga has not hidden her love of.

Allow us to break it down. "Mary Jane" is a common nickname for marijuana. Holland is a liberal place where people can smoke and toke freely.

It wasn't a big leap to get from A to B with this song, thematically.

Musically, it's a chunky, wild dance song where Gaga does her best Liza Minnelli, vocally speaking. She gets epic with her delivery at the 1:35 mark. It's a trippy dance song, and it's quirky, and probably the artiest song on 'ARTPOP,' since many of the other tracks we've heard are a bit more standard, despite the album title, which proclaims the artistry of the pop.

This is a large sample of the song, too, making it easier to assess and to absorb.

We likey.

Overall, Gaga isn't aiming for radio hits with 'ARTPOP.' She's all over the musical map and the songs can't be contained. That's likely intentional!