The media is abuzz about Lady Gaga's Born Brave Bus, the free -- not to mention revolutionary -- mobile mental health vehicle that will be a part of the Born This Way Ball's North American caravan.

Gaga has been tweeting about the BBB, which will help eliminate the stigma (and the cost) for at-risk or in-need youth who want to seek out help and support from mental health professionals.

Mother Monster tweeted images of the boldly colored, wrapped bus and what the tailgate party-style setup will be like.

She tweeted: "AHhh! The ‪#bornbravebus‬ is looking amazing! Check it out : )"

Mama Monster also shared a CGI image of the setup, which looks like welcoming and homey gathering place for little monsters. It is hardly clinical or sterile, which makes it that much more inviting. The setup also makes Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation's idea to offer mental health support to fans in a destigmatized way that much more brilliant. Seeking help is easy and fun here, as opposed to difficult to navigate and scary.

She posted: "this is a computer rendering of the full setup for the BornBrave experience. The only thing it's missing is you!"

There you have it, monsters! A personal invite from Gaga herself to make use of these facilities if you need or want them.

The Born Brave Bus looks legit, and it is certainly a groundbreaking service that Gaga is offering. She is making counseling available and accessible, and for free.



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