Lady Gaga, who has traded her Louis Vuitton brown locks for bubblegum pink ones, showed off her new hair hue and her soccer skills while in South America.

A fan captured a shot of her kicking around a soccer ball on Cantagalo and she was snapped showing off her love for Brazil while in Rio de Janeiro.

She wore an oversized soccer shirt in Brazilian yellow and green while standing on her hotel balcony. She also hung a gigantic banner which read "I Heart Rio" on that very balcony. What a cute display of affection for the Brazilian faction of little monsters.

The Daily Mail reports that she blew kisses to the fans down below.

Leave it to Gaga to take a large soccer jersey and wear it like a dress. While "football" is largely a European sport that doesn't have quite the same following, nor does it inspire the same fanaticism in the U.S., Gaga showed how culturally aware and global she truly is.

We're also shocked that she wasn't wearing platform heels while kicking around the soccer with the kids. She's truly the People's Pop Star!

We love that she is making the most of her time off stage doing fun stuff and fraternizing with her fans on a street level ... literally.

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