Lady Gaga’s makeup artist Tara Savelo busted the singer taking “selfies” aka “self-portraits” with her iPad, and shared a photo of Ma Monster (who was last seen with little men scaling her naked body in her Fame perfume ad), looking princess-like in a tiara paired with strangles of pearls and red lips. It’s easily her ‘Princess Die‘ pose, since all princesses wear tiaras.

But we’re more interested in the setting. If you squint and look really closely, it looks like a studio console behind her. But then we are quickly reminded that this picture was taken by Gaga’s makeup artist.

The Mother Monster is preparing to reveal her new album’s title in just two months and has already played her new album for Interscope execs. Are we jealous that Interscope suits have already listened to her new material? Very.

She looks super pretty upon striking a princess pose and with a tiara topper. Gaga is known for her unusual headgear, and while this isn’t really out there in left field, she wears it so well.



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