Lady Gaga proved she is aware of her critics and her "foes," and that she doesn't allow them knock her off her game with a series of tweets she issued that many may misperceive as a rant.

Gaga is actually showing how freakin' smart she is by addressing the longstanding Madonna feud, the hermaphrodite rumors, the weight gain gossip and the whole media-created Gaga vs. Katy Perry chart battle.

Gaga's tweets are below and they are complete with photos she posted. She is clearly in on the joke, not the butt of it.

She is obviously flipping the bird to her critics by using her thumbs, as opposed to her middle finger. We have to chalk it up to a brilliant chess move.She knows what people are saying and it has zero effect on her.

Ma Monster was dropping the tweets in advance of the release of 'Do What U Want,' her 'ARTPOP' collabo with R. Kelly.

Write What U Want. Say What U Want. Gossip What U Want. Gaga Will Do What She Wants.