Is Lady Gaga teasing us again? It would seem so. The Mother Monster posted a photo of herself with a caption, which included lyrics to a supposed 'ARTPOP' song called 'Sex Dreams.'

Gaga -- looking all sorts of Old Hollywood glam in the photo with with dark brown Marilyn Monroe waves and blood red-stained lips -- shared a brief, but meaning-packed post (shown below), where she also gives props to her little monsters.

Take a look at the lyric, well, what we think is a lyric. We like the rhyme scheme and the reference to being criminals. It's just a nugget, but we want to hear more and to get more context as to where this sentence fits in relation to the rest of the song and album.

All I need is to write music and love my fans.

We could be caught, were both convicted criminals of thought. -Sex Dreams, ARTPOP

What do you think, monsters? You guys have made an art and a science out of decoding meaning in Ma Monster's tweets and updates. So tell us what you think this little bit of information means!

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