Lady Gaga touched down in South Korea on Friday (April 20), looking, well, ladylike. But despite her white, floor-sweeping gown and pearl-encrusted mask, she flashed a bit of cleavage, which is one of the reasons why conservative South Korean Christians decided to get together and pray against her concert in Seoul.

Apparently, Gaga’s soul is not welcome in Seoul.

Gaga is set to hit the stage next Friday, April 27, kicking off the Born This Way Ball tour, but 300 local Christians staged a prayer group on Sunday (April 22) in downtown Seoul, according to Raw Story.

Why are these Christians so anti-Gaga, who is a Catholic? Well, they think she advances pornography and homosexuality. Kang Ju-Hyun, the prayer organizer who leads a group dubbed Alliance for Sound Culture in Sexuality, said, “We will pray to God that the concert will not be realized so that homosexuality and pornography will not spread around the country.”

The Alliance posted street banners last week, accusing Gaga of “spreading unhealthy sexual culture.” The literature proclaimed that she does so via “lewd lyrics and performances.” City officials removed the propaganda.

Gaga’s show is the seat of much controversy. It was initially rated for people 12 and older but state watchdog group Korea Media Rating Board raised the age to 18. So no one under 18 can see the show, which sucks for some of the South Korean little monsters.

We are looking forward to the media reports about how Gaga addresses the drama regarding her show next week. Paws up!