Madonna is mashing up Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born This Way’ with her own ‘Express Yourself,’ which many feel ‘BTW’ cribbed its melody from, in concert. She caps it off with ‘She’s Not Me,’ in what looks and sounds like pointed jab at the Mother Monster. Madge herself referred to the song as “reductive” when asked her opinion on it. So how does Gaga’s camp feel about the mashup?

Well, Gaga herself has yet to tweet about Madonna’s cover — we’re hoping she will — but one of her producers, Fernando Garibay, responded to a fan who tweeted and asked how he felt. Turns out he’s fine with it, since every time Madge does it, he gets paid.

As one of the songwriters, he gets paid a royalty commission when the song is performed. He was quite classy in his reply, saying, “Madonna? Luv her. And I get paid when she sings our songs. Life is beautiful sometimes.” He also posted,  “All I know is I get paid every time she does it.”

Essentially, he’s laughing all the way to the bank, as is the Mother Monster. Touche.

Check out Garibay’s Twitter feed here.

Thanks to Gaga Daily for digging up the Garibay’s tweets and responses on the matter.