Lady Gaga and her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney reportedly split, so some of the things she said in her interview with Amanda de Cadenet for a ‘Conversation’ interview, which aired on Lifetime Thursday night (May 3), are poignant. The chat took place before the breakup, so when she said she wants a man for whom divorce is not an option, it resonated.

Gaga looked like a pop punk nun, with her black veil and flowing, white locks … except for those dagger-like nails. Nuns don’t usually have those. She spoke about the concepts of sex and love and how divorce is not viable in the Germanotta family, due to their core values.

She recalled her parents Joe and Cynthia fighting for a period when she was a young girl, and she feared they would split. But after 30 years, Papa and Mama G are the epitome of happily ever after. “My parents are more in love than they’ve ever been in their life,” Gaga mused. “That’s what I want. A man who feels the same way, about divorce not being an option and in working through everything together. You stick it out.”

Gaga’s a romantic at heart.

She also spoke about the cocaine years, an era she doesn’t look back upon with any sort of fondness. “It would make me feel so sick,” she confessed, recalling a particularly horrific come down from the narcotic. She continued, “I was bent over and I had cold water on me and I was coming down and I just felt like crap. I was drinking NyQuil, thinking, ‘Please Lord Jesus Christ in heaven, let me live through the night.”

Oh, the irony of a good Catholic Italian girl praying to Jesus for a little salvation while fiending after a coke binge.

Gaga said she had a wake up call, when she realized the white stuff was affecting her artistic output. “I woke up one day and thought, ‘You are an a—hole,’” she admitted. “I thought, ‘You are not an artist. If you were an artist, you’d be focusing on your work and not the white devil.’It’s not going to make you make better music, it makes you a f—ing loser.”

That’s about the best anti-drug PSA we’ve ever heard.