Tony Bennett, who collaborated with Lady Gaga on ‘The Lady is a Tramp,’ which was featured on his ‘Duets II’ album, and who sketched her in the buff for Vanity Fair, has gone on record to state that they are indeed working on a jazz platter. There were rumors, but the crooner has confirmed it.

He revealed to TIME that Gaga called him and told him the plan. “Lady Gaga called me from Australia and she said, ‘I want to do a jazz album with you.’ So we’re going to doing it with Marion Evans, the great orchestrator. We’re going to have a big swinging album,” the crooner shared about his upcoming recording plans.

While he is working with pop’s biggest star and worked with lots of other equally talented pop stars on his ‘Duets’ series, he cops to not being well-versed about the current pop landscape. “I don’t know about pop music, but I’m a big admirer of Lady Gaga. I call her the Musical Picasso. She’s so creative and she changes every two minutes. A very creative person and a very nice person too.”

All the classic entertainers, like Bennett and Elton John, just lurve Gaga.

He likes doing ‘Duets’ with contemporary singers since they “are very successful albums with very steady sales. There are still steady sales coming in on it, and way over 6 million records. It’s surprising the heck out of me. I didn’t think it would be that strong a reaction.”

Bennett also said loves to pair up with female singers “because then you can hear who’s singing. It can’t be someone who sounds just like you, because then you don’t know who’s singing. That’s a failure of a duet.”

We doubt Bennett and Gaga (whose real last names are Benedetto and Germanotta, so they have that Italian swing that they can sustain over an entire album) will have any failure of duets where you can’t tell who is singing! It’s just not humanly possible with all of their talent and panache.

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