Lana Del Rey‘s debut ‘Born to Die’ is due out at the end of January and she’s got everybody talking. She is the “It” girl of the music industry in 2012 and it’s not even 2012 yet. With a ‘Saturday Night Live’ appearance set for Jan. 14 and the cover of the February issue of Q in her back pocket, Del Rey is staring down a big, big year.

Del Rey’s Q cover pays homage to the classic horror film ‘Carrie’ starring Sissy Spacek. Del Rey, who looks a little like actress Amanda Peet, is dressed in a simple white slip dress and wearing a tiara, with blood caked on the side of her head and her sun-kissed waves. She’s staring into the camera, without so much as a smile or a smirk. Like Carrie, Del Rey can set off sparks without touching fire. The striking image is emblematic of Del Rey, who has been described as a “gangsta version of Nancy Sinatra,” thanks to her edgy, dirty, throwback style.

A Q cover is a big deal and Del Rey is shaping up to be the same. The Q cover tag asks the poignant question, “So what’s so bloody good?” when it comes to this sexy chanteuse. The answer is “Everything.”