Lana Del Rey hit the stage of ‘The Voice U.K.’ to perform ‘Blue Jeans.’ Looking lovely like a delicate flower in a short white frock and matching heels, Del Rey performed without much mobility, standing in a stationary place, swaying back and forth and tossing her hair. By now, astute LDR watchers know those are the hallmarks of her performance style. But how was her voice on ‘The Voice?’

In a word: improved.

Del Rey’s been criticized for her inability to sing live (and canceling tour dates didn’t boost anyone’s confidence in her live prowess) but her voice sounded quite angelic. The staging was gorgeous, too, as she was bathed in blue lights, with white twinkles dotting the landscape behind her.

Lana still doesn’t go wild when she performs, and we don’t think she ever will, choosing to instead stand still and connect on that more intimate level.

After singing, she blew a kiss, laid the mic down and left the stage.

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform ‘Blue Jeans on ‘The Voice U.K.’