The prolific Lana Del Rey has released a new video for ‘Yayo,’ which boasts archival, vintage footage from an era gone by, some of it featuring LDR herself shot on what looks like grainy, Super 8 film stock. The images from the past are set against her melancholy, somber vocals. The result is like a noir short film where nothing is clear and everything is left to the imagination.

Del Rey is a platinum blonde and wears a veil and flowers in some of the shots. She’s also a dancer, so she takes on many forms as her “character.”

But given the lyrical content, the distinguished gentleman in the footage is likely her father or at least a father figure of some sort. The singer does a dance in a bikini top and short shorts, asking her daddy to put on a show for him. A bit icky? On the surface, yes. But we get the sentiment and that it’s not like “that.”

LDR is also a ballerina at one point. The element of “little girl lost” pervades this sad, sad clip. You might need a mood stimulator after you watch it.

A lot of the shots feel looped and repeated over the course of six minutes, and there’s no clear linear narrative, either. It does impart a message of distance and loss via the found footage and first person perspective. You are left to sift through the footage and piece together your own perception of the source material and to fill in the gaps, which makes it a video that you can’t watch only once.

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