Oh boy. Lana Del Rey‘s innocent cover of Nirvana’s ’90s hit ‘Heart-Shaped Box‘ prompted a Twitter reply from late singer Kurt Cobain‘s always quotable widow Courtney Love. This is one case where we’re inclined to offer a pat on the back and a “Poor Lana.” She likely didn’t anticipate a big ol’ “That song is about my vagina” comment from Love, which is just what she got.

Del Rey covered the song in Sydney, giving it the velvet-voiced LDR touch. While the singer has been maligned for her stage presence and questioned about her ability to sing from the get-go, Love offered both a lyrical insight and critique to Del Rey, who can pretty much take it or leave it.

Love suggested the song is about her vagina and even offered some tips on what Del Rey should do next time she performs the song. Basically, Love asked LDR to think about her lady parts next time she sings the song.

If that were us, it’d be enough to remove the song from our set list… permanently. Perhaps that was the always unpredictable Love’s intention?

Below are Love’s dirty laundry-airing tweets! Beware. It’ll make you shudder and slowly back away from the computer…

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform ‘Heart-Shaped Box’