Lana Del Rey‘s meteoric and rocky rise to fame has been documented by Taiwan’s Next Media Animation in the form of a CGI animated news piece that runs for a minute in length but captures all the hoopla, hyperbole and haterade that surrounds Del Rey. The clip poses the existential question: Is Lana Del Rey’s fame bubble about to burst?

An avatar of Del Rey in different scenarios is at the center of the video. Copies of ‘Born to Die’ are smashed with frying pans by critics wearing t-shirts featuring the SPIN and Billboard logos, demonstrating how the album has been eviscerated by the American media.

Del Rey’s back story that she was born to a rich daddy, a claim she has denied, is told in animated form.

Her comment that she’s a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” also comes back to haunt her in this clip, where Del Rey is transformed on stage into, well, a gangsta Nancy!

Then there is the ‘SNL‘ performance, which is the county seat of the LDR hate. She was vilified by so many critics — accept us (we didn’t go to that level) and Del Rey herself thought she looked pretty and sang fine. The retelling of the ‘SNL’ perf shows suits in seats, slumped over, sleeping and stacking Zs. Point taken.

The idea that it’s the fault of Del Rey’s handlers and PR team, throwing her to the wolves at such an early point of her career, also arises.

But overall, the prevailing thought is: When will her fameball explode?

Well, ‘Born to Die‘ has landed and Del Rey’s fate is now resting in the court of public opinion.

Watch Lana Del Rey CGI Animated News Story