Rihanna launched a suit against U.K. clothing retailer Topshop for using an image of the singer from her 'We Found Love' video shoot in 2011 in Ireland on a t-shirt. Some might assume she was mad at the apparel brand for doing so. However, she wasn't angry enough to cease wearing their clothes, as lawyers for Topshop say that RiRi still requested gratis pieces after she filed the suit.

Her suit claims the shirt was not endorsed and may have damaged her image, brand and reputation --we guess she doesn't think posing topless on Instagram every five seconds was problematic?-- even though Topshop bought the rights to the photo from the photographer who took it.

Rihanna also claims that her fans may have believed she endorsed the garment and bought it because they wanted "an emotional connection to their heroine." No, we're not making this up.

In court, a barrister claimed that RiRi's reps asked Topshop for product 10 times, with six of those requests coming after the filing. Topshop's legal eagles also claimed that RiRi shops the brand and wears its pieces, weakening her argument that it damaged her rep.

"Rihanna's own shopping habits provide compelling evidence of Topshop's reputation in fashion wear. [There are] 10 recent occasions on which her representatives have contacted Topshop asking for products for her to wear," the barrister said. "We note that six of these requests post-date this dispute."

So even though she filed suit, she still wanted to wear free items.

Team Rihanna or Team Topshop?