Lindsay Lohan didn’t show up for court in New York on Monday.

Shocker, we know. How’s your pulse?

The legally-challenged actress was expected in court in response to her nightclub assault case from November. You’ll recall that she was arrested for third degree misdemeanor assault after being accused of punching a woman in the face in a nightclub altercation when the woman wouldn’t give LiLo her space.

Luckily for Lohan, TMZ found out that instead of a bench warrant being issued for her arrest, prosecutors delayed the proceedings, saying, “The investigation into this case is continuing.”

Also in the “good news” column for our favorite ginger outlaw, her attorney Mark Heller says a psychic told Lohan that 2013 would be a lucky year for her. We aren’t sure there’s a lot of precedent in case law for using psychic readings as outcome assessments, but the lawyer seemed confident that the prediction was good for his case.

Most likely, Lohan is still in London playing Penny Lane for the Wanted, so perhaps if they decide to prosecute and she blows her probation, she can pull a Roman Polanski and just not come back. Then 2013 would be lucky for us all.