The reunited Jonas Brothers performed at Radio City Music Hall in New York City last night (Oct. 11), and they debuted a batch of new songs.

The Bros. reportedly performed new tracks ‘First Time’ and ‘Let’s Go,’ and they also did a song called ‘Wedding Bells,’ which is a moody, contemplative and heartfelt ballad that is supposedly about Miley Cyrus, who got engaged to her Aussie BF Liam Hemsworth over the summer.

Amid fan shrieking of the female sort, you can listen to the live audio of the Jonas Brothers performing ‘Wedding Bells.’

It’s certainly a more mature sound than last time the Bros. released an album, which was 2009. They’ve grown up. They’ve had more life experiences. Kev Jo got married, and documents life as a hubby in his TV show ‘Married to Jonas’; Joe Jo did a solo album, which tanked despite being quite good, and continued to date a string of super models, each one hotter than the next; while little Nick Jo appeared on Broadway again.

Now it’s back to strength in fraternal numbers for the Jonas family.

Doesn’t Joe look fab in his flowered shirt? That’s what he wore last night!

As for the song, the Bros. sing about not wanting to hear “your wedding bells chime,” so it appears to be about a relationship where the parties have moved on, but it’s not always easy to let go and wish someone you once loved the best when they are marrying someone else. It’s a tough emotion and situation, and the Jonas Brothers capture it and distill it into a song effectively.

“We’re in the process of recording a new album, which is both good and bad,” Nick said, prefacing the song. He said that the Bros. have managed to “dive into subjects that make us uncomfortable and write about them. … You have to write a song and apologize for it later. I don’t think I’ve ever written a song that makes me as uncomfortable as this song does. Some things happened in the last year that affected me in that moment. … This song is called ‘Wedding Bells.’”

That’s why it’s rumored to be about onetime love Miss Miley. Since Nick is so young, he’s never had to deal with an ex swapping vows and the news that Miley is getting hitched had to affect him.

Call us crazy, but this one sounds a little bit influenced by the Police with its moodiness.

The verdict so far? We like it. This live version is quite good, but we want to hear it in its fully produced, studio glory.

What do you think, PopCrushers? Did you like this taste of new Jo Bros?

Listen to the Jonas Brothers ‘Wedding Bells’