In anticipation of the new Muppets movie, a group of artists have covered some of their classic songs on ‘Muppets: The Green Album.’

Many of the tracks were first heard on the TV series ‘The Muppet Show’ and various Muppet films, performed by the felt puppets themselves (voiced by Henson and Frank Oz). The new generation of recording stars covering tunes like ‘The Muppet Show Theme Song,’ ‘Rainbow Connection’ and ‘Bein’ Green’ includes OK Go, Weezer, The Fray, and Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee.

NPR is offering a free listen of the full album ahead of its August 23 release date. And even if seems like this is treading on hallowed ground, look at it this way — a whole new generation will now get to share in the joy that is the Muppets.

And just to get you in the mood, here’s Kermit’s classic performance of ‘The Rainbow Connection’ from the original ‘Muppets Movie:’

[via NPR]