Deadmau5 dared to criticize Lady Gaga's recent performance art video where she moans – a meditative technique designed by Marina Abramovic—and gets totally, full-frontal naked.

He tweeted his annoyance at such a PR stunt, designed to shed light on Abramovic's crowdfunding campaign, and threw some serious shade at Gaga over the video that's blowing up the Internets today (Aug. 8).

That's when the Gaga faithful swooped in. Little monsters quickly rushed to the defense of Gaga, administering their form of swift street justice -- by attacking him through 140 characters or less. Sadly, some monsters took things a step too far, threatening the Mau5's mother.

Slightly off topic – if Deadmau5 thinks little monsters are bad, wait until he sparks a feud with Justin Bieber and Beliebers get wind of it. That'll make this look like a sun-splashed day at the beach with perfect temperatures and no sharks in the water. (Sorry, it's Shark Week and we have the sea's predators on the brain.)

Below are some of the choice tweets of fury to a guy who wears mouse ears, questing Gaga's artistry.