Could elementary students use the extra time outside? Perhaps stretch their legs a bit, get more active? It might help to clear the cob webs before having another class session.

Or will it distract them even more?

Some parents in Charlottesville once demanded that their schools offer a longer break from studies, more so for younger students. As it stands, most students in Montana have a half hour of recess on average. But should that time be lengthened?

An online petition recently signed by parents in Charlottesville are requesting to have student recess time extended to 75 minutes every day. Might this mean a more-than-double increase compared to the current allotted time?  Right now, teachers aren't exactly keen on the idea.

According to Newsplex:

"We agree that students should be active learners, especially kindergarten students" commented Billy Haun, Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning. "But I am a bit concerned that if we were to increase the amount of recess time to what I hear is in the petition, that then you may be getting into affecting the instruction and the core content areas about math and reading and literacy."

This brings up a healthy discussion for our local students:

Should students receive a longer recess?

Would this perhaps help the child's mental focus, or maybe more quality time with the parent if they choose to take them to lunch? What would be the disadvantage to this? Less time studying and perhaps a more relaxed view on real-world deadlines?