Maybe Australian radio host Kyle Sadilands has taken Lorde's lyrics "we're on each other's team" a bit too literally. When the 'Royals' singer called into the 'Kyle and Jackie O.' radio show, he asked her about her relationship with Taylor Swift and implied that the two were dating.

"Are you bringing your new bestie, Taylor Swift [on tour]? I see your guys' pictures everywhere. Are you guys like, uh, are you together now?" Kyle asked the 17-year-old New Zealand singer.

After Lorde hesitated to respond, he continued awkwardly: "Not together as in lesbians. I'm not talking about 'Ellen together,'" he said, referring to Ellen DeGeneres. "I'm talking about, like, you guys are friendly, right?"

"What do you mean you're not talking about 'Ellen together'?" Lorde semi-jokingly retorted. "Is there something wrong with lesbians? Is that what you're trying to say?"

"Oh my god, no, I would love that," the host backtracked. "Are you gonna confirm now you're in a lesbian relationship with her?"

"Don't even try it," Lorde responded. "It's not working." And when she continued to be mum on her friendship with Swift, Sadilands commented: "Don't get too overboard with explaining the friendship, though," he joked. "We haven't got all day."

"I won't, believe me," Lorde responded.