When Lorde called in to Australia's 'Kyle & Jackie O. Show' last week, she did more than just craft the perfect retort to the hosts' implication that she was in a lesbian relationship with Taylor Swift. The 'Royals' phenomenon also revealed why she turned down the opportunity to open for Katy Perry on the 'Dark Horse' singer's upcoming tour.

"I think in the really early stages of any artist's career it's important to establish themselves for themselves," Lorde explained about her surprising decision. "I'm just basically really stubborn and I want to be really independent, so I wanted to be headlining my own shows instead of supporting someone else, which I think is fair enough."

While we would've loved to see a Lorde/Katy Perry tour -- and think it would've helped to boost the 17-year-old Kiwi's career even more -- we totally get the sentiment behind Lorde's choice; her fiercely independent streak is something we love so much about her.

The DJs are also quick to point out the fact that while Lorde sings that she'll never have -- and doesn't want -- the kind of materialistic items that celebrities own, she has now been thrust into that lifestyle. How does she manage to stay grounded?

"I think it would be a weird transition to go from living in New Zealand and going to school and living with your family to making it rain," Lorde joked. "It just would feel really weird for me. My mum's always traveling with me, or my big sister, and it's not really a 'YOLO' environment."

Lorde might not be all about YOLO yet, but her response certainly made us LOL.